Permanent Makeup

Rae Anne is a cosmetic tattoo artist with a previous background as a surgical assistant for 15 years.  You can rest assured that you will receive only the highest standard. Rae Anne is meticulous and believes in giving her clients the color and shape they desire along with her artistic guidance to enhance clients natural features. 

Would you love to have permanent makeup but are hesitant because you’ve experienced the pain of a traditional tattoo? GREAT NEWS! Cosmetic tattooing is essentially pain free thanks to topical numbing agents. However, some clients experience a dull pinching sensation. Everyone has a different pain tolerance and some may absorb the numbing agents better than others. In this event, more numbing will be applied throughout the process. She will always work at a pace that YOU’RE comfortable with. Clients have always been pleasantly surprised at how comfortable they are during the procedure and many have even fallen asleep!

She specializes in Microblading and Shading of eyebrows, Eyeliner, Lip blushing as well as Tattoo Lightening and Removal for both cosmetic and traditional tattoos. It is important to know that permanent makeup is considered a two-step process. After the first initial procedure, a touchup will need to be scheduled 4-6 weeks out from the first procedure and is included in the initial fee. To keep your permanent makeup looking fresh, a color boost is recommended at 12-24 months for brows, 24-36 months for eyeliner and lips depending on your desired look.  

Brows            $400

Eyeliner         $350

Lip Color       $350

Tattoo Lightening & Removal  $100 and up  *Prices vary depending on the area and size and can require multiple sessions.